5 Philosophical Questions Answered

What is the meaning of life?

Well this question probably appears to be the largest question and yet its one of the simplest to answer. The question itself is wrong. A meaning would denote thought behind life. You would not ask what the meaning of an elephant is. I believe it comes from days of when we believed a God created us and God would have had thoughts and ideas behind our creation. So because we evolved into who we are now, the idea of a meaning behind our lives is redundant.

Is free will real or an illusion?

My deterministic idea of the universe would say that it is absolutely an illusion. However, the perception of free will is very much real. So on the surface of the question there is definitely nothing wrong with believing in free will, but if you talk about behind our perceptions then I’m afraid its all deterministic.

Where is the line between art and not art?

Again, I believe this is much simpler than it appears. Art is anything new or changed, because they both require creativity and the only requirement for art is creativity of any kind. If something is just repeating something previously done, then it is not art. A simple argument to this would be data entry as every bit of data is different to the data before it. Well the actions which you take have not changed and thus it is not art.

Why do we dream?

Dreams are our brains processing all the information gathered that day. By information, I mean anything which we perceive. Our minds must put memories into our long-term storage, discard unneeded memories, as well as try to unravel unprocessed emotions as a tangled mess if information creates massive inefficiency for the brain’s day to day function. Think of it like a computer doing a disk clean-up and also a disk defragmentation.

Will religion ever become obsolete?

Absolutely not. I am not a religious person, but I strongly think that everyone needs 2 out of 4 main beliefs. Self, Science, Religion, Society. If someone believes in less than two, I think their potential happiness can be greatly impacted.

If you would like my take on any questions you have or if you would like me to go into any of these in greater depth, just comment or send me a message.

“Growth begins when we accept our own weakness.” – Jean Vanier

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