A Fleeting Mind

Do you ever have one of those days where your mind is working a million miles an hour and yet you haven’t even got a clue what you’re thinking of? Well that’s me today. It’s very annoying.

This week has been a strange week. I got rid of someone out of my life I cared about and yet they really weren’t doing me any good at all. I also started to connect again with someone I was close to, well I think so anyway.

But that’s all at the wayside today because my mind is thinking of everything and yet nothing. I can’t even figure out how that’s even possible, but it seems as though it is.

On a positive note I smashed my records on a Sudoku game, which kind of says just how much my mind is overworking today.

The thing is when I’m like this I seem weird or disinterested to people that try and talk to me. That’s not the case at all if anything I want to talk sooooo much more but I go the opposite way because I know I will just go OTT.

I’m usually the kind of person that I either don’t do something or I take it to extremes, and today is one of those extreme days. The thing is the majority of this is just due to my mind overthinking and none of it is actually in reality.

People talk because they want to talk, they don’t talk because they don’t want to talk. That’s a simple concept right? Not to me today its all messed up in the old noggin, but that’s fine. I guess I’m just in a state of mind where instead of just being me I am trying to limit any potential damage my overthinking mind could cause. Does that make any sense? I’m not sure if it does.

Today the only things I know for sure is that its almost Christmas, there’s an election coming up and it’s Sunday. The rest is up in the air and flying around quicker than a fighter pilot going at mach 3.

I guess its just one of those days where it’s safer if I don’t interact with people.

But anyway, I’m just rambling now and I could go on and on and on and on for hours so I’ll leave it there today.

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