It’s been a while. It’s been frustrating

Well this is the first post in months. I’ve been pretty quiet for so many reasons. One of the main reasons was I know a few people were mentioning to me that my posts always seem to be negative and they wanted me to put a positive spin on things. I guess I’m a little like the news, I may want to be happy, I may want to put a positive spin on things… but you know what? The world isn’t like that. 


Look at the division across the world on so many topics. Equality being one of the biggest topics. I couldn’t help but write this though as politics is something I care about. The state of the UK political system right now though?! Well it’s certainly not something to be proud of… in fact I’m ashamed of our politicians right now from several parties and not just one. Our Prime Minister is meant to be a leader and not a divider. No matter where you sit on the argument of Brexit, how he has gone about things and the language he uses… well it certainly isn’t to pull people together. 

In fact, it wouldn’t surprise me if Labour are working with the conservatives on the division of the country. There has been an upsurge of support for the likes of the Liberal Democrats and what Boris is doing is trying to make the country polarized. Doing so, especially when Labour won’t make up their mind on Brexit with give Boris a clear advantage over an election that is primarily between Conservatives and Labour. 

Why would Labour help them do this?! Well they would lose less seats in fact they may even gain a few.  But this isn’t even touching on the ridiculous attitudes of our MP’s lately. I’m not sure about anyone reading this but I know I vote for someone to represent me and the area I live in. Don’t get me wrong what the party stands for comes in to it, but at the end of the day I want representation in Parliament otherwise what’s the point?! We may as well just run an election based on polls. 

With Brexit being a big issue right now, I can understand there being so much party politics but when Labour won’t even stand up and say what they are fighting for… well that’s just wrong on such a massive issue. There has been so many key votes in Parliament that Labour refuse to take a position on, I can’t help but think the country would be in even more trouble if Jeremy Corbyn was in power.  


The topic of equality is another one that has been getting to me so much lately. Even Monopoly have tried to join this debate with the Ms. Monopoly version of the board game. A version where women start off with more money… a version where women get more money for passing go… Because that’s equality?! I think not. 

You know what, if people want to talk about true equality then I’m all for it but if you want to talk about your hard done to and the only solution you have to the problem is you getting one over on another group of people… go to the back of the line because I can’t be bothered giving you the time of day right at this moment in time.  

We have come so far in the past 100 years it’s actually unbelievable to think where we once were on the topic of equality. We should be proud of what we have all achieved regardless of your gender or my gender, regardless of your race or my race.  

Don’t get me wrong there are things we still need to work on and we are working on but compared to where we once were?! I think we are doing alright. 

Climate Change 

Oh my god… this again!!! 

This is so simple people… It exists! There are two factors to it though, there’s the natural climate change / evolution of the planet and then there is the human impact on the climate change process. 

Now what worries me more than anything isn’t the global warming or global cooling, it is the fact that in a few hundred years there will be a period of time where the planet starts to get colder and colder… Will these climate activists be fine with that? Will the world be fine with that? I just hope to god people don’t start trying to prevent climate change all together. 

You’re probably wondering why I want at least some climate change to happen. Well history shows us that the planet going through its cycles of climate actually helps repair itself and where would the planet be if we stop it from repairing itself?!  

Anyway, I think I’ve rambled on long enough about a few topics that have been in the news lately that have bugged me so I shall be quiet now. I just hope I feel up to doing another blog again soon as when I do write it helps me to clear my head and helps me to find myself again for a little while. 

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