Depression: Feel Better For The Day Ahead

This is just a quick tip for anyone suffering with depression or if you just feel low. I just want you to try this and let me know how you feel after. It may take an hour or so to complete but I’m sure it will be an hour well spent. I find the best time to do the following is in the morning as it may well wake you up more.

The first thing I want you to do is a little exercise. Now don’t get intimidated. I don’t want you to do a full workout. Just do a little bit until you ache, sweat or are slightly out of breath. It does not matter what exercise. You could do push ups or sit ups, you could jog on the sport or even walk on the spot. You could just stand on one leg for a bit until you can feel it aching slightly.

After the exercise i want you to go to an open door or window and sit there for 5 minutes just breathing concentrating on making sure you’re breathing and feeling the fresh air wash over you.

Then I want you to go to your bathroom and brush your teeth. I want you to feel how after you do, your breath feels different. I want your mouth to feel refreshed.

Then have a bath, if you have one, or a shower. I don’t want you to only clean yourself and think you are done. I want you to take your time. Relax as you’re washing away the dirt. You aren’t just washing away the dirt you’re washing away the before to have a fresh start when you get out.

Once you’ve finished in the bath or shower, I want you just to stand there. Concentrate on that moment and only that moment. Take 5 deep breaths. Feel your lungs filling up.

After your last deep breath, put the biggest cheasiest grin on your face that you can manage. I want you to feel silly doing it but it’s OK, there’s only you there. dry yourself while doing this fake smile.

Then get dressed and as you walk out the room i want you to stop at the doorway, take one last deep breath and relax your face.

I hope after this, you’ll feel less weight on your shoulders. You may even feel more optimistic about the day ahead.

Let me know if you try this and if it helped you at all.

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