The Clouded Mind

There is always going to be days where my mind is just clouded over. I can’t think straight or I feel as if I can’t think at all. But what do I do to get over it? Well there are a few ways that seem to work great for me. The first, and one of the most important steps is to rest. Sometimes sleep is needed and it seems to fix all problems. Other times you just have to try and rest your mind. It may be tired from thinking too hard about a particular problem or it may be thinking of too many things at once.

I always find that if I am trying to think of too much, I need to try to lay down and just intensly focus on one issue. This will make me either fall to sleep or start to feel a lot clearer. One of the main issues with this is trying to find one issue to focus on. If I pick the wrong issue then it could make things worse.

The type of things I try to concentrate on are usually inconsequential topics. I try to find something that isn’t really a problem for me but is more of a puzzle. I like to think about things such as programming problems or issues such as traffic problems and try to solve them.

On the other hand this may lead to pure distraction. Over the past few months, that is exactly what I’ve been doing. I have been trying to solve other peoples problems. I have been creating several different programs, learning new programming concepts, and so much more. Doing all these things and many more has been good but it also means I haven’t concentrated on myself.

All this has done is meant my mind is back where it was a few months ago, cloudy and hazed over. It is like after a really heavy night of drinking or the after effects of a migraine.

I think clarity comes from peace of mind and one way I have been trying to achieve that is by concentrating on the here and now. I’ve been trying to avoid hopes and expectations. Basically, I have been trying to avoid thinking of the future and appreciating what I have right now at any given time.

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