The Not so United Kingdom

I think the title of this blog says it all, but I want you to know what I mean by this. Right now I would say the UK is heading down a rabbit hole at an ever increasing pace. Society is divided in so many different ways. I feel like equality and political correctness is making just as many divisions in society as the inequality that still is in abundance. Not only this but society has changed. We have changed how we connect with people. There are so many people nowadays that don’t know their own neighbours name. I include myself in this. And yet we communicate with people up and down the country, if not across the world. People in the UK are in, what I would describe as a financial and economic black hole. With the current welfare system as it is and the job market as it is, there are very few people that can set out even a 5 year plan of where they will be financially.

We are living in times of physical and emotional insecurity. We no longer rely on our local communities to be there for us. I remember as a child everyone on street and in the surrounding neighbourhood knew who you were. this created a sense of belonging and also a sense of collective security, but there are so few communities nowadays which have this.

People are beginning to feel lost and disenfranchised from basic human societal needs. The UK’s answer to all of this? There isn’t one. They introduce Universal Credit which has just been likened to the days of the workhouse, and from my own experiences is just a load of bollocks. The simplistic ideation of a single benefit where you fill in one form with all your details and everything else is sorted for you sounds great. The implementation of it though, well lets just say it leaves a lot to be desired. Personally I handed my advisor a 1 month sick note for depression and anxiety. The first question I got asked after is “while you’re off sick what are you going to do to keep job opportunities open?”. I personally find that a disgrace.

But anyway back to the topic of how we are no longer united. I think the past decade within politics shows how much the UK want change from how things are. Despite this I get the sense that a lot of organisations, councils and governments, seem to be taking a reactive stance to it all. rather than trying to battle the route causes of a lot of problems that are going on, they act like children squabbling over whose go it is to go in goal.

I think the fear for myself is that we are heading down a rabbit hole and no one knows just how deep it goes. Right now the two main political parties have caused so many divisions within their own ranks how the hell would they manage to pull the country together?! I don’t think either party could. This is so scary because the way I see the future going with the UK is if the Conservatives carry on in power… well, the society we believe we have right now is going to start to crumble. Mental health of so much of the country is already going further and further down. Now if Labour got in to power, yeah fine, they may well dodge (not fix but dodge) a lot of societal problems, but the economic ones?! wow they would tear us apart.

With both of the UK’s main parties, the problems may start different but one leads to the other. I think it’s not just the political parties that need a rethink to our future. It’s also the mentality of so much of society. So many people just want to be able to tick a box on a ballot paper and their problems be fixed. I’m afraid it doesn’t work like that. I really wish it did though.

So if our political system is going to screw us over what do we do to fix where we are? We progress. We have to progress, I don’t think anywhere in society we have truly accepted how we need to move forward.

I think there’s one key concept that we all need to remember for now and the future. Hold yourself to the same standards you hold others. How will others treat you equal if you don’t treat them equal? How will we listen and learn from people if we judge them to a higher degree than we judge ourselves.

We need to learn, we need to progress, and we need to listen. because the UK is screaming out for change. If we carry on like we are doing, one day sooner rather than later, the UK is going to be in so much trouble we wont be able to fix where we are.

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