The Beauty of Photography

Taking photos is definitely one of my greatest passions. There is no other feeling like it when you have a DSLR in your hands and you’re capturing a moment that shall never happen again. There’s so many different types of photography its hard to choose which is my most favourite. I guess it just comes down to capturing the beauty of a moment. from the mundane to the ultra rare moments.

Two friends asleep on a train.

I know the above isn’t the best image in the world, but it’s my brother and a friend, asleep on a train after a night camping and drinking. For me the beauty in this image is not just how they are both angled away from each other forming the V shape, but its the images and memories it stirs within myself. I know those memories are only mine but that is why this image is so personally valuable to me. It may bring thoughts or images into your mind that I have no clue about.

A cycles riding through an underpass.

Now this image is amazing to me. I was walking through an underpass and i sore the cyclist and I literally had fractions of a second to take the photo before he went. I think it turned out amazing and it still astonishes me that i took this. I look at it and think I could never have took this. To me this brings memories of that day when I was walking around Sheffield with my camera taking dozens of pictures, but this was the crown jewel of the day.

Sheffield by the sea

Now this picture to me is fantastic. It is definitely not the most technically precise photo ever, but you have the sun shining down on people enjoying themselves, you have the slide drawing your attention with its colours and you have the contradiction of the storm in the sky. This represents so much to me, from summer days in Sheffield and the joy they bring, to contradictions in my personal life at the time.

A man walking

Now how marvellous is this? I captured this guy who is doing the typical modern day thing of walking while looking at his phone. Yet to the left is a the word envy, which I think we have all felt at times when it comes to modern day technology. On the right is the word Inka, which is quite a contradiction because it makes me think of the Inca empire, who really did not envy. The Incas lacked a lot of technology and systems that everyone else were using at the time, and yet they thrived.

My son playing with cardboard

This picture, I love so much. It is a moment on a summers day which was so unique. The way my son was looking at me with eyes like he says “urm daddy, why are you taking pictures of me?” To me the picture is essentially the beauty of my son, the beauty of the connection I have with him, with the simplicity of my son being framed by cardboard. I personally think you can’t get much better.

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