The Several Faces of Everyone

We all have several faces that’s acceptable. We have our face at home, and we also have ourselves at work. These are just two examples of when it is acceptable to show different sides of ourselves. But yet we then moan when people show a different side of themselves to different people. We seem to judge people for being two faced and yet we all do it.

I guess the biggest question is whether we are comfortable with ourselves when we do it. We may even consider the people around us and whether they are comfortable with it as well. I am sure that sometimes when people are being two faced, they are not always aware of the change in their own personality. I mean how often do you purposefully think “right in front of that group of people I am going to act like this”? I don’t think we really do it to that extent.

I think there is a massive difference though between a passive two-faced attitude and a manipulative suck up sort of attitude. What I mean by the latter of the two is, there are people that actively decide they want to impress someone or manipulate someone for either their own success or ultimately their own gratification.

When we see these manipulators in action, we decide that they are being two-faced, but are they? They are actively trying to manipulate someone by giving them a different attitude, but they are consciously aware of the change in their personality and therefore it is more like their primary face which they are altering to suit the given situation.

I would see this as an entirely different persona to that of the passive two-faced attitude which is a subconscious switch from one personality to another. And yet we class them all under a similar umbrella?

I personally think there is no point lying and manipulating for our own gratification. I cannot understand why people do it and why they do it to the extent they do. Is it the thrill of tricking people or the gratification of getting what they want? I am not to sure. But what I do know is when we call someone two faced we are pointing out something that we all do.

On the other hand if they are a manipulative backstabbing suck-up for the purpose of their own gratification should we not be calling them out on it instead of just sitting back and moaning to ourselves about how “two faced” that person was.

We do we as a society put up with what we clearly do not like why do we not respond to the things that piss us off? We are in a state of avoiding confrontation for “the greater good” and yet manipulators end up getting further in life because, well, they manipulate everyone around them to get what they want.

Well I say enough is enough and its time that honest, decent people stand up for what they believe in.

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