I thought I would just share a few of my poems with you today. I haven’t been too well the past few days and so my mind has found it hard to think of posts, but some good content shall be coming very soon. These are my own poems. Two of them were written not too long ago, and the third was written almost two years ago now. I remember when I was 15 years old, we had an English assignment to write a poem. I wrote one and then another and then another. My family laughed at some of the words I used and even today they still recall them whenever I mention my poetry. I guess, good or bad, they were memorable. So writing poems has been apart of my life now for a fair few years, and I reckon it shall continue to be apart of my life until I can no longer write.

Fleeting Moments
Fleeting moments of a future past
Are the ones that shall forever last
Holding strong to what we feel
Never parting from what is real
We count down the rising of the next sun
The moon lighting our way for the other to come
Bushes tussling as the path narrows
I know you’re close but I can’t help but quiver
The black shroud keeping us silent
But our faith speaks volumes to our hearts desires
And our courage keeps us on the same path
To a future with fleeting moments that shall forever last

No Words
I do not know the words to say
To show my joy and amazement
That I have you by my side
To help me through every day

I do not know how far this will go
But I fear the day this may end
And I cringe at the thought
That I can’t avoid this woe

I do not have the words to describe
The feeling in my heart
No matter how far apart
I know they shall never subside

And I know not what to do
Or the words to say
To make you understand
To show you
To the extremes that I love you

To infinity and beyond
Or the moon and back
Just lack the depth
That you truly deserve

To swim across the oceans
Or climb the highest peaks
Or the most beautiful mountain view
Doesn’t come close
To showing how much I love you

Holding on tight
To thine endless night
Leading foot forward
In the gavels delight

Lashes of fraying snake
Capturing my future wake
Matchsticks holding my eyes wide
The last of gasps I must now take

Memories of firsts and lasts
Scampering, oh so fast
Scraping to hold on tight
To thine soul, oh so everbright

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